Hey! Welcome to Belle in Black and White.

The blogger

I’m Annabelle, a 23 year old Londoner who refuses to stop playing dress up. I’m an outfit repeater, half-filipina, and a bit of a magazine hoarder. IRL I freelance at a creative content agency. My life goals are to see as much of the world as I can and eventually age into an Uncle Iroh-type figure (he's from Avatar. The cartoon, not the movie with the blue people).

The blog

I started Belle in Black and White in 2012, naming it after my favourite colours to wear. It's become my place to get dressed up and have somewhere to go, or have somewhere for the photos to go at least. Alongside outfit posts, expects ramblings on various topics (I tend to overthink everything) and some posts on beauty and travel.

Feel free to send me a message at belleinblackandwhite@gmail.com if you want to work together or just want to say hi!

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