Sunday, 9 September 2018


Milan day 2 was spent hitting some of the more traditional tourist spots. The Duomo was the main attraction I wanted to see in the city, so we woke up early to head there as soon as possible and hopefully beat the crowds. It sorta worked - we got there before 10am and it was busy but not swarming. After spending some time being stunned by how beautiful the Duomo is, we headed up to the rooftop to wander around and see the view.

I knew I'd need comfy shoes with all the walking we were going to do that day, so out came my Stan Smiths that I pretty much live in. Side note: can we never give up the wearing-everything-with-trainers trend, especially for dresses and skirts? This skirt in particular is an old buy from Pull & Bear that I bought to add some colour to my wardrobe. I put on some fancy earrings to feel a bit more dressed up but they weighed me down so they were off by lunchtime. Comfort is key when I'm in tourist mode (and most days, honestly).

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