Saturday, 22 September 2018

I recently realised I've never posted a photo of myself on my blog in glasses. I usually wear lenses but over the summer I had a stubborn red lump on my eyelid that I thought was a stye but turned out to be blepharitis. It wasn't pretty. I had to play it safe and stop wearing lenses and eyeliner for a while. Cue the self-consciousness. I've never liked how I look in glasses even though I spend a lot of time wearing them and I'm not a fan of going without eyeliner for any period of time. However, it did make me realise that my glasses were pretty old and that I needed new ones. I tried out a few places before finding Cubitts near where I worked and spent too long deciding which pair to get. I ended up leaving with two (yay for places with glasses that fit round faces!) and thought I'd do a shoot with them because glasses can look great, and maybe I can look great in them too. I didn't ditch the eyeliner though.

These are the Attneave frames in quartz. I took these photos a while ago and liked how they turned out but I'm not sold on the batch I took for my other pair of new glasses, so I'll try to think up a different concept and take some more another time.

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