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Saturday, 4 August 2018

So many times this summer, I've looked at my wardrobe and thought 'ugh'. It's not that I have nothing to wear - I'm about 3 piles of clothes past that problem - but it's been 300 degrees almost every day in the UK this summer and my t-shirt collection has never been put to work like this before. I'm enjoying the weather but I've reached a point where the thought of wearing a sweater instead actually sparks a little bit of excitement inside me.

However, my aforementioned needlessly-large wardrobe means there's usually something to rediscover. And when I rediscover something, I have a tendency to latch onto it and wear it again and again until I see it and think 'ugh'. Recently, that piece has been this red Cos top - a Boxing Day buy from years ago. I brought it out to wear to a wedding, decided it was great, and now I can't stop finding things to pair it with. Why it had to be this top is a questionable decision on my part though - it's thick and heavy so it's not the most practical piece in a heatwave. Still, as long as I love it, I'll keep wearing it.

Photos by Faaizah

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