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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Wedding season is well and truly upon us. Not that I've had many to go to - my friendship groups aren't quite at that stage yet, and there's no romance on the horizon for my single ass. But it seems every weekend someone I know is off to see loved ones in love get their love certified.

It was my turn last week and I was down in Devon for my cousin's wedding. It was an outdoor ceremony in Exeter on the grounds of a beautiful old house. It was sweet - even I welled up. The reception was later in the afternoon, so there was enough time for my dad and I to catch England's quarter-final match against Sweden. Then we were off to Stokeinteignhead Village Hall for the party, a lovely venue in pretty much the middle of nowhere. We're talking fields with cows and sheep surrounding it. When people saw me hanging around with my camera, I was made unofficial photographer, so I spent much of my time (not so) stealthily wandering around trying to take candids.

I snuck away at one point to get some outfit photos seeing as I was all dressed up for the occasion. Wedding guest attire is hard isn't it? You usually have to go fancy but how fancy is a different question. White is an obvious no-no and black isn't exactly a good bet either (*sighs loudly*). For this wedding, I had an outfit in mind fairly early on. My dad, ever the organiser, gave me vague details about the whole thing so I didn't assume it would be black tie-level fancy. It wasn't, but the day before we were leaving for Devon he tells me my blue pinstripe dress is too casual. So here's my last minute outfit, thrown together in a mild panic. At least I didn't resort to black, right?

Top - Cos
Skirt - Pull & Bear
Shoes - Topshop
(all old)

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