How to sleep when it's 1000 degrees

Saturday, 28 July 2018

It's hot. I'm talking about the UK specifically but I know other countries are dealing with a searing summer heat too. And when it's hot, sleep doesn't come easy. I have a few tips that will hopefully be useful for somebody out there.

Is there anywhere in your house that's at least 3 degrees cooler than your room? Sleep there.

But I want my bed.

Ok fair. Firstly set up your defenses (stuffed toys) to ward off any monsters that may come for you whilst you sleep outside of your duvet.

Secondly, take a shower or bath before bed but don't dry yourself off afterwards. Hop into bed whilst damp. This should keep you cool for about 6 minutes.

And then what?

Keep a spray bottle of water by your bed to douse yourself in whenever you start to get too hot.

I still can't sleep?

Fans. Use fans.

Still awake.

Try the Sleep With Me podcast. I found out about this podcast whilst listening to another one night when I couldn't fall asleep. It was fate. Sleep With Me is made by a guy called Scooter who drones on for about an hour in a soothing voice. I find his rambling really calming and it's my go-to on nights when my brain won't shut up. It's been useful in the heat too.

What if that doesn't work?

I'm all out of tricks, sorry. Sometimes you just have to not fight it and get up and do something. Read a book or watch something and see if you feel tired a little while afterwards. If not, just stay awake and take the next day off if you can. You can try again the next night.

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