Diary Post: May

Friday, 1 June 2018

Does anybody know where May went? Or the first chunk of 2018 for that matter? I spent a good amount of the month thinking we were still in March, so that’s where my head’s been at.

I thought about abandoning/deleting my blog for a bit this month too. Mostly due to self-esteem issues and my inability to post consistently to certain standards. Then I remembered I end up feeling like this every so often and it usually passes, so I'll stay away from the delete button.

I thought I should get back into things with a little round-up of my May. It’s been a whirlwind and I wanted to document it. (And use that NSYNC meme).

The first big thing that happened this month is that I was in a dance show. Me. On stage. Dancing in front of people. I’ve been dancing in the comfort of my own home for years, learning the choreography for various Jpop and Kpop songs. Two years ago I started attending Kpop dance classes here in London and now I go pretty much weekly. They put on shows twice a year where attendees can audition to perform. After sitting in the audience for the past 3 shows, I gave it a go this time. 10/10 would recommend. I mean it was nerve-wracking and spotlights are hot and distracting, but after all the rehearsals I had with my group everything sort of just happened automatically. Plus we covered Peek A Boo by Red Velvet and that dance is fast, so it feels like it passes in no time. The best part was getting to know more people from dance and watching everyone's hard work come together in the end. 

The other big thing is that I started a new internship in brand strategy. I actually interviewed at the company last year and got the role, but then it got put on hold for a bit. About a year later I get an email asking if I was still interested, so I gave it some thought and decided I should see what it's like. And damn, it was pretty full on from the start (so things'll probably be even more quiet on the blog). On a brighter note, the people are lovely and the view from the office isn't something to complain about. Whether it will lead to a full time job is another question but hey ho. It did mean leaving my last incredible internship which I'm still slightly mourning.

I think those were my two main life events to report. What else is there? I've been really into Asian reality TV lately (Terrace House, Produce101 China, excitedly anticipating Produce48). I saw Deadpool 2 (hilarious, but I think I'm a little Marvel-ed out right now). I'm reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (incredible!). I've realised what a fashion icon model Fernanda Ly is and that model/actress Nana Komatsu is beautiful, so I'll be attempting (and likely failing) to channel their style and beauty vibes this summer. I also need some new glasses. This is just turning into my to-do list now...

So, how's everyone's month been? I hope your 2018s are good so far and if not, I hope they start to pick up. Talk to you more in June!

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