Puffy sleeves in Prague

Monday, 23 April 2018

Hello! I'm back from Prague! Exclamation marks necessary because it was so incredible and I'm very happy I went! Also, the day after I got back my parents and I drove down to Teignmouth in Devon to celebrate my Uncle's birthday, so it's like I've had two holidays back to back.

But back to Prague(!). What a beautiful city. I somehow managed to restrain myself from snapping absolutely everything in sight so I've only got less than 200 photos to sift through. I'll put together a photo diary soon with some recommendations (mostly food-related) but I wanted to share a quick outfit post in the meantime. Shoutout to my parents for the shots, especially my dad who hates taking photos.

The jumper is a sale score from Weekday. I wasn't 100% sure of the sleeves but when I'm shopping for anything other than basics, I'll either go for things I instantly fall in love with or things that make me go "huh...that's interesting". This sweater fit the second category, and I decided Prague Castle would be a good place to wear it since the sleeves make me think of portraits of royalty. I paired them with my culottes, which I wish I owned 2 more pairs of as they go with the majority of my wardrobe and they're so comfy I could wear them all the time, trainers for comfort and also Prague's cobblestone streets aren't really heel-friendly, and my new Ted Baker backpack that fits everything you need for exploring.

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