Sunday, 25 March 2018


So I left my blog deserted much like a London side street but thanks to warmer weather and Becky offering to take some photos for me, I've finally got an outfit post to post. Turns out I don't quite have the dedication to pose in 0ยบC this year. That and ice-cold weather turns my face red and my patience with Photoshop only really stretches to putting borders on photos (please don't sue me National Geographic) and the occasional animated gif.

Anyway, onto the outfit. I've noticed that whatever dress code I stick to throughout the week also dictates what I wear in my spare time. Whenever I've worked in an office that called for smart casual, dressing down became a luxury and I found myself reaching for anything super comfortable outside of work. Now that I don't have a dress code and spend more time than I should in PJs when I work from home, I get the urge to dress up way more often, if only to remind myself that I'm capable of not looking like a slob from time to time. This is how I end up in smart casual on the weekends wearing the shoes and trousers I usually bring out for interviews. Wanting to channel nature's best colour coordinator, the bumblebee, I paired them with a yellow sweatshirt my friend Paige kindly gave me after I almost bought one when we were out shopping together. She didn't want it anymore, it fit me perfectly, and now I spend a lot of time wearing it dressed up or down.

Jumper - New Look
Trousers - Cos
Belt - H&M
Shoes - Tout a coup
(all old)

Photos by Rebecca

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