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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Long time, no blog!

I have a bunch of half-formed posts, ideas, and thoughts all waiting for me to work on them but I've been missing the motivation. I've guess I've been busy but my main excuse is that I've just felt a little low this month. Also it's freezing outside so outfit posts are gonna have to wait till it warms up. But I'm in a better mood now and I missed this place so I thought I'd do a mini post of my highlights from February.

Loves this month

1. Pancake Day
As my friend Faaizah said: "Why isn't this a monthly event?"

2. Lady Bird
I was extremely hyped for this film, to the point where I was worried I was setting my expectations way too high. But it didn't disappoint! I loved how funny it was, I loved how I saw parts of me and my mum in Lady Bird and her mum, and I loved how it's one of those film that make you experience a myriad of emotions and leaves you feeling shattered, but in a good way. I was holding back tears as I left the cinema, and then I saw my mum on the way home and ran over to hug her which made me almost cry again.

3. Leamington Spa
A couple of my uni friends and I had a mini reunion in Leamington Spa at the weekend since my friend's living nearby. I was meant to go a few months ago but my plans were literally derailed by train cancellations due to snow. Luckily we had great weather this time, aside from it being super cold. It was great to catch up and also see Leamington Spa for the first time. It's a pretty town.
The sky also turned a beautiful colour at sunset (photo above) and I spent most of the train ride home staring out of the window. I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen so much sky, meaning I should probably get out of London more often.

4. Playlist
The Regrettes - Come Through
Maggie Rogers - Alaska
Janelle Monae - Django Jane & Make Me Feel
Hayley Kiyoko - Curious
Red Velvet - Bad Boy
Unit G - Cherry On Top

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