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Monday, 15 January 2018

I've seen a couple of these introduction posts making their rounds in the blogosphere and I thought the beginning of a new year would be a good time to write one. Started by Chloe's brilliant post, they've been a fun way of getting to know bloggers in more detail. So here's mine.

I'm Annabelle, a Londoner whose lived here most of her life aside from a short stint in Hong Kong during a year abroad at university. I'm usually mistaken for a teenager and a very young one at that (my parents are often asked "is she under 16?" to which my dad replies "that depends if there's a discount"). This might have something to do with me being 5 ft 3 with chubby cheeks. I'm currently 23 with a business degree under my belt and I've been trying to become a "proper adult" in the "real world" for about a year and a half. If I'd have known I'd be an intern for this long, I would've bought this t-shirt.

I'm an introvert but one that likes to get out of the house and see people on a regular basis. It's more if you throw me into a room full of strangers I'm supposed to interact with, my brain goes "nu uh" and I go into shy, wallflower mode. I'm working on this. I've also been told I can come across as cold and closed off when I first meet people; someone's even used the word "mysterious". I said the mystery hides the fact that I'm a huge dork who gets easily excited and is happy to be the first one making a fool of herself on the dance floor.

I started my blog in 2012 after a few years of trawling Lookbook and looking up to bloggers like Tricia Gosingtian and Camille Co. If it weren't for some nudges from some friends, I might never have worked up the courage to do it. When I started out this place was named after an unreleased Lana Del Rey song called Put The Radio On. 5 and a bit years and one name change later, I'm still here posting outfit photos. While I can't call my blog a success in the influencer stakes, I really don't mind. I just like getting dressed up, directing photographs (I need to get behind the camera more this year!), and having a place to write. I'd still do it if no-one was reading.

I've also been trying to open up more on the blog after getting a little tired of the pixel-perfect lives we're now accustomed to seeing online but also realising I never really talked about the shitty parts of mine. I'll happily admit things don't always go so smoothly for me and that I have with multiple insecurities. I spend way too much time being bothered by my fluctuating weight, imperfect teeth, and the aforementioned chubby cheeks. Although these days, those insecurities are eclipsed by insecurities over my future and where I'm going and who I'm becoming and what the hell am I supposed to be doing. But I once read an article where the writer referred to her early-20s self as a shell of a human being and I take a lot of comfort in that.

What else is there to know about me? My favourite TV show ever is Avatar: The Last Airbender and if I ever went on Mastermind it would be my specialist subject. My personal motto is "be more Uncle Iroh", the old, wise, and kind character who was supposedly on the side of the bad guys but always happy to help a stranger. I'm super slow at watching TV shows in general though, forgetting all about a series after a few episodes even if I enjoy it. I listen to a lot of Kpop and a little bit of Jpop, which never fails to cheer me up. I live to eat and can never say no to dumplings or a tonkotsu ramen. I'm most comfortable wearing black or dark colours - honestly the outfit in this post is slightly pushing boundaries for me.

So there's my not-so-short introduction. If you've written one, link me to yours! And I hope your 2018 has gotten off to a good start.

Coat - Zara (old)
T-shirt - Philippines (old)
Trousers - Uniqlo (old)
Shoes - Adidas

Photos by Faaizah

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