Thursday, 23 March 2017

Let's get lunch

Shirt & Jumper - Emoda / Skirt - H&M / Shoes - Topshop
I asked my mum to take my blog photos recently and she said sure, we can take some and get lunch after. Thinking I had gotten myself another regular victim photographer, I got all dressed up to meet her after work and take some outfit shots. However, my dream was short-lived with my mum taking about 5 photos before asking 'are we done? Let's go eat'. I got her to take a couple more before promising I'd never make her do it again. She works hard - who am I to stand between her and her lunch?

I picked up this Emoda jumper in Japan after trying a few things on in the store and deciding it was too cute to leave behind. You can actually wear it two ways - one side has a v neck while the other side is square. I prefer the v neck so I pretty much always wear it that way. Although the day we shot these photos was lovely, it was still quite chilly so I put on a ruffle neck shirt underneath, also an Emoda piece but from a few years ago. I wore this H&M skirt which I wear all the damn time right now (prepare to see it a lot on this blog) and my Topshop mules.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Nowhere in particular

Jumper - Murua / Skirt - Mango (old) / Shoes - Topshop
Photos by Faaizah

I feel like I look like I stepped out of a Cos lookbook here. Although, would Cos put their models in uncomfortable shoes? Probably not. Not that these Topshop mules are terrible, but this was my first time wearing them and I have the blisters to prove it. Will that stop me from wearing them all the time? Absolutely not.

I got the jumper on my recent trip to Tokyo. I love the oversized fit of it, and because it's thick it keeps its shape. The hoop earring is also from Japan from Emoda, one of my favourite brands. One of the pair broke when I got home, so I'm really glad I'm a fan of the one earring look. Other than that, I kept everything on the minimal side.


Sunday, 5 March 2017

Kamakura Photo Diary & Vlog


During my time in Japan I visited Kamakura, an old feudal capital by the sea. It's about an hour away from Tokyo making it a perfect day trip out of the city. It's packed with beautiful shrines and temples, so many that I didn't manage to see all the ones I wanted to. But the ones I did see were incredible.

If you get the train to Kamakura station, there's a tourist information office by the exit where you can get a map and recommendations on what to see and the best ways to get there.

We started off with Hokoku-ji, a Zen Buddhist temple a short bus ride away from the station. This was probably the temple I wanted to see the most because of its bamboo garden. It's even famous for it and often called Take-dera which means bamboo temple.

bamboo forest

They really tower over you.

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