Sunday, 8 January 2017

Review: 3INA Ulti-Matte Lipstick in 600 (Gold)

Review: 3INA Ulti-Matte Lipstick in 600 (Gold)
3ina ulti-matte lipstick
I made the great decision to walk into the 3INA store in Covent Garden whilst I was Christmas shopping last month, a time when you're supposed to be buying presents for other people. I'd never been in the store before so I went in out of curiousity. There was no-one else inside so I had the undivided attention of a sales assistant. She was really informative and helpful, and once we bonded over dark lipstick there was no escape. I walked out with 3 3INA products to try (and review of course) so here's the first of them.

I've been wanting a gold lip product to layer over my reds for a while so I picked up the Ulti-Matte Lipstick in 600.

The product: A matte, metallic lipstick 
3ina ulti-matte lipstick
The packaging: Plastic with a twist top. You're all reminded of 3CE too, right? I know it's what's inside that counts, and I absolutely love minimal black and white packaging, but I'm starting to wish a new brand will launch with completely different packaging to everything else out there.

The pigmentation: Sadly it's not as pigmented as I hoped. I tried swatching it on my hand but it was hard to get the colour to show up well on camera. If you're after a subtle gold shine on your lips then this is perfect but if you want something that stands out more you have to layer a lot.
3ina ulti-matte lipstick
The application: Inside the lid is the product, and you push the brush into it to get the product out. It has a pointed sponge which I guess works for it.

The colour: Gold. 3ina also do a red and burgundy.
The road test: I wore it over a red lipstick. I put on quite a lot to get it to show up on camera and it still looks really faint! It is more noticeable in real life but I was looking forward to taking photos of my gold lips. It also fades throughout the day and doesn't stand up too well against food sadly.

Overall: It's a gorgeous colour but the pigmentation lets it down. I'm gonna continue my search for an in-your-face gold but if you only want something subtle, 3ina's Ulti-Matte might suit you just fine.
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