Glossier Haloscopes Review & Swatches

Saturday, 9 December 2017

glossier haloscope
glossier haloscope

When it comes to beauty hype trains, usually I'm happy to just watch the train leave the station, clutching the wallet I was unwilling to hand over in exchange for tickets. However, Glossier's hype train wasn't one I was going to miss (although I'm boarding slightly later than most, I know). I was thrilled when they announced they were finally going to ship to the UK and after spending some time reading reviews, adding to basket, taking out of the basket, Glossier announced a temporary pop-up shop in London. It was time to hand over the wallet.

I wanted to try the Haloscopes back when they first came out and YouTube beauty gurus spoke of dewy glows and real crystal extracts. Fuck yeah I wanted quartz on my face. When they actually became available to order online here, I hesitated as I always do with product I can't test in person before I buy. The pop-up solved this problem and I went home with two of the shades, Moonlight and Quartz, after swatching them on my hands and seeing how they looked under the lights in several different corners of the room like a crazy person.

Anyway here's the review:

The product
Highlighter sticks with an outer ring of the highlight infused with crystal extracts and an inner ring of coconut, castor seed, and sweet almond oil for moisture.

The application
Being sticks, they're really easy to swipe across the cheeks and then blend out with your fingers. You can also use your fingers or a brush to apply them on other parts of the face.

haloscope quartz

In the words of the website, the Quartz Haloscope is a 'universally flattering, pearlescent highlight'. It offers a subtle sheen, making it a good highlighter for people like me who aren't really sure what they're supposed to be doing with highlighters. While I can't say whether it's truly universally flattering, I can vouch for it being suitable for super pale skin. I wasn't sure about it's pinkish tint at first but after trying it out I freaking love it.

haloscope moonstone

The website calls this one an 'opalescent glaze'. This stick has more glitter in it than Quartz so there's more sparkle rather than just shine, but honestly the two shades look pretty similar in person. Moonstone seems more suited to cool tones though. 

I did take photos with the highlighters on my face but they pretty much looked the same on my camera:

haloscope moonstone
Wearing Moonstone

The road test
Both Haloscopes feel nicely moisturising but they can make dry patches more noticeable - something I have to look out for when it's winter. They both have good lasting power and still feel moisturising at the end of the day.

If you're looking for an everyday dewy highlight then I'd say the Haloscopes are the way to go. They're easy to apply, moisturising, and give a nice subtle glow, which is great if you're a highlighter newbie like me. However, with the sticks being pretty similar and costing £18 each, I don't think getting both of them is worth it. If I'm not hopping on board a new beauty hype train when I next need a highlighter (I see you Fenty Beauty) then I think I'll probably go for Quartz.

glossier haloscopes

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