2017 wrap up

Thursday, 28 December 2017

2017 is on its way out and I'm pretty happy to see the back of it. While it wasn't the steaming pile of disappointment that was 2016 - I think this is partly thanks to that year setting the bar so low - there were multiple times I lost faith in humanity. Notable moments include Trump's inauguration and discovering orgasmic mediation is a thing that exists ("people are capitalising on WHAT?"). Staring into space thinking "what have we become?" became a regular pastime.

On a more personal note however, this year hasn't been half bad. My depressing job hunt for a full-time job was, well, depressing at the worst of times but I'm trying to go into 2018 with a positive attitude so here's the glass half full sum up: I had a peek inside some interesting companies whilst interviewing, got to try out different roles, and met some cool people. There's not much that will push you to reassess and dream bigger than temping alongside aspiring actors and musicians who, after talking about the roles and gigs they have gone for/are going for, turn to you and say "so what do you want to do?" and you're like "uh I dunno, something in marketing". Then you realise you do have roles and gigs in life you want to go for, you sometimes just have a hard time saying so because you think you sound stupid and look like a failure for not having those things yet. But according to Google the definitions of failure are as follows:

1. lack of success
2. the neglect or omission of expected or required action

So really the only way to fail in life is to not go after the things you want. Take action, and you're not failing. As for definition 1, success is however you define it personally, so don't worry about that.

I've been going for "something in marketing" since I graduated. While I've been putting it like this partly down to insecurities as mentioned before, it's also for conciseness. Really what I want to say is I'm actually a huge dork when it comes to branding so I'd love to be a brand strategist/consultant. I'm also really interested in trend forecasting and would happily predict the future for a living. I also like writing - articles, essays, these rambles - and photography - I need to get my butt on this one - and making content in general which is what I'm pretty much doing at my internship now. Web/UX design also fascinates me, I just have little skills in this area but hey nothing's stopping me from changing that.

This also looks pretty fun:

That's a monologue I don't really want to launch into every time someone asks me what my plans for the future are (for their sake). Also, this list undergoes shuffles and revisions about every other month depending on my mood and whatever new role I hear about in the unclear-cut creative industry. But as someone who's gone from 'I have no idea what I want to do with my life' to 'I have 50 things I want to do with my life', I'm extremely happy I've found all these potential paths I like the look of. And if it weren't for all the interning, freelancing, and temping and the opportunities I've had to learn from them, I have a feeling this list would be a lot shorter and I'd be a lot less enthusiastic writing it. Now all I need to do is hone in on the skills to do some of the above and figure out how to cobble together a decent living from it.

Here's to the fools who dream. And portfolio careers.

This year, I also learnt supposed-to-be's don't exist, a realisation that's been both liberating and terrifying. Life doesn't have to fit a certain mould - if you're privileged enough you can shape it how you like. At the same time, life can come back to you with multiple curve balls and remind you there are no guarantees. Life's only given me the introductory class on this course so I don't really know how to expand, but I think what you're meant to do is keep moving in the direction you want to go in, don't expect everything to go to plan, and don't take anything for granted.

So thank you for the lessons 2017. My list of things I want to achieve in 2018 (personally and professionally) sorta scares the crap out of me but I think it's a good thing that it does. Here's hoping next year will be full of opportunities, ones that we make for ourselves or ones that life might wanna hand us if it feels like it. Seriously universe, you're making us live through Trump, throw us something here.

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