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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Shirt dress - Fa Yuen Street, Hong Kong (old)  /  Lace dress underneath - Laforet, Hong Kong (old)  /  Shoes - Office (old)  /  Earring - DIY

"Hasn't it already been Halloween?" my dad asked as I was stepping out of the house in this outfit.

"Someone's probably having a funeral I can invite myself to," I replied.

I'm no stranger to an all black outfit. In fact, I think if someone told me I could never wear black again I'd probably cry, then start googling what the darkest shade of grey is and how I can get my clothes made in that colour. Occasionally, my love of black clothing steps into more gothic territory. I'm way too fickle to stick to just one style of clothing and being as pale as I am, I feel like it would be a shame if I never went there. So I'll happily take the jabs from my dad (I mean the man's nickname for me is 'fish face' so this is nothing). I'm ready for an Addams Family reunion.

Photos by Faaizah
Rose from photo by Ivan Jevtic

P.S. Have a good week!

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