Sunday, 24 September 2017

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Does anyone know what F.B.G.B stands for? That's what the graffiti says in the last photo (sorry for standing in front of half of the masterpiece). Trying to figure out what it meant bugged me the entire time I was editing that picture. Speaking of editing, I've learnt a few new tricks in Photoshop! I can't wait to bombard you all with edits and gifs in future posts.

I love the denim democracy we're currently living in where all kinds of jeans are getting a chance to shine. You want mom jeans? They're in! You want high-waisted, two-tone jeans with raw, asymmetrical hems? They're out there somewhere. One style I've finally decided to go for is the wide leg and I'm wondering why I never got round to trying them sooner. I think this is the longest my legs have ever looked. Taking sartorial cues from Dennis the Menace and aiming for Slender Man's proportions, I paired the jeans with this red and black striped top with never-ending sleeves.

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