And again

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Shirt - Forever 21 / Jeans - Topshop / Fishnet Tights - Japan / Shoes - Topshops
Photos by Faaizah

I haven't blogged here in over a month and the first post I come back with, I'm wearing the same jeans and shoes as the last one. So I'm not winning many points for variety but I hope I've styled everything differently enough to warrant this new outfit post. I've been wanting to wear these fishnet tights since I bought them a few months ago but between the cold weather and being in a styling rut, I hadn't gotten them out until now. I only recently realised the slit in these jeans would be perfect for showing them off, and thus this outfit was born. I went with my 'goodbye' shirt from Forever 21 for the top, only tucking in half of it because I spend too much time browsing Stylenanda and their influence is rubbing off on me.


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