Wednesday, 28 September 2016

September Favourites

After some strangely warm days in Britain, autumn finally arrived. My feelings keep alternating between 'YES layers and hot drinks season!' and 'why's it so dark and cold already'. I should probably just enjoy this in-between weather before we take the sharp turn into winter where the only thing I'll be interested in is my duvet.


M&S Skirt
I wore this beauty in last week's outfit post and I'm certain it'll be making another appearance on the blog soon. Hats off to M&S for putting out this gem. It's black velvet so it moves with an understated shimmer, making it an all-occasions kind of piece.


Big Bud Press Pins
I finally decided to join the pin party and picked up a few from Big Bud Press. I got two gems and a planet for good measure. Big Bud Press has a great selection of pins, clothing, and patches and they even gave me two stickers with my purchase. Annoyingly, a customs charge was slapped on the package so I won't be rushing to order anything from the US again anytime soon.

Graphic Novel

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson
I picked up Nimona on a whim since I'd heard of the author and wanted to check it out. I knew it was going to be good but I wasn't prepared for how good. Nimona is a powerful shapeshifter who joins supervillain Ballister Blackheart as his new sidekick. Blackheart isn't a typical supervillain; he's more concerned with exposing the Institution, the 'good guys' in charge of protecting the kingdom. Nimona on the other hand is keen on wreaking havoc and destruction much to Blackheart's dismay. It's got action, magic, and science and a story that will have you hooked.


We Got This
I've been listening to We Got This pretty much exclusively all month. It's a show where actors Hal Lublin and Mark Gagliardi settle arguments about the most important issues in our world, such as Coffee vs. Tea or which day of the week is best. While I love podcasts that tell stories or interview cool people, sometimes you just want to listen to two friends being hilarious and discussing which shape of pasta is best. It also has the best theme song in the world.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

That's a wrap

wrap skirt
wrap skirt
wrap skirt
wrap skirt
wrap skirt
Top - The Kooples / Skirt - Mango / Shoes - Topshop (all old)
Photos by Faaizah

So I unlocked the hand on hip pose. Hooray! You'd think after almost four years of blogging I'd know how to pose by now but nope. I'm also still hoping for the day I can pull a serious face that I can take seriously.

These photos were taken a little while ago when I hung out with Faaizah. It was nice to catch up, brunch, and hunt for ice cream. I wore my Mango wrap skirt which I scored in a recent sale. I'm suprised it was even on sale considering wrap skirts and ring details are both huge trends right now. I went for a good old all black look, pairing the skirt with an old Kooples t-shirt and my Topshop slip-ons.


Sunday, 11 September 2016

Innisfree Powerproof Brush Liner Review

innisfree liner

In the liquid liner world K-Palette is king, but I thought I'd try out this worthy competitor.

innisfree liner

The packaging: Very simple and nothing really special. There is a spring in the lid which I guess is to help keep you from ruining the brush tip but it does feel a little bit strange whenever you try to put it back on.

The application: I'm a big fan of brush liners and I find the thin tip easy to use.

innisfree liner

The colour: I got mine in black.

The road test: It stays on pretty well! Some days I come home and find that it's smeared a bit at the edges but usually there's nothing too noticeable. Sadly, there is a problem I have with this liner which is that it sometimes dries up while I'm using it. Shaking it can get a little more out but sometimes you just have to wait for it to work properly again.

The verdict: It's a great liner that's long lasting and easy to apply. It's such a shame that it dries up sometimes. Aside from that, it's almost on par with K-Palette's 24 Hour Liner.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pompeii Photo Diary

One of the things I got most excited about on my recent holiday to Naples was that we would get to see Pompeii. It was absolutely incredible to go and get a glimpse at how people lived 2,000 years ago.
Pompeii was buried under the ash of Mount Vesuvius' eruption in AD 79. The town was first rediscovered in the late 1500s but nothing much came out of it. 1748 marks the beginning of proper exploration and excavation, and today there are 44 excavated hectares of Pompeii (out of 66).
A lot of the statues are later works that have been placed here on display. They might not be historically accurate but I think they add to the grand atmosphere.
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