Sunday, 24 July 2016


I made it!
On Friday, I graduated from King's with a first in business management. Three years of hard work went into this moment - you can see it in my eye bags. But really, I can't believe how quickly these three years have gone by.

The ceremony was held at the Barbican. A lot of my friends and I were stressing out before going up on stage since we were all worried about falling. Thankfully no-one did! And just like our time at uni, it was over before we knew it. Outside the hall was pretty chaotic so I didn't get to say proper goodbyes to some people, although luckily a lot of them will be staying in London for at least another year.

So I've now officially joined the unemployed graduate club! Despite my fondness for being a lazy butt, it's a pretty disappointing place to be. Still, even though I didn't walk out of university into a job and now have a fresh pile of debt looming over me, I don't regret going to university one bit. I learnt a lot, I got to live in Hong Kong for a year, and, most importantly, I met some of the greatest people on the planet who I get to call my friends. You can't put a price on that.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Sea Foam Nail Art

It's about time for some summery nail art (or any new nail art on this blog for that matter) so here are my sea foam nails! I used my most turquoise shade and did the foam details using water marbling. The sea foam is pretty light, mainly because I'm not that good at water marbling. But I am really happy with how these turned out. Now if only I could make them last the whole summer.

Also, here's a song about getting your nails done and feeling good. Something to add to your summer playlist!


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Catania Photo Diary

Our last destination on our Sicily trip was Catania. Since we went for a relaxing holiday, we decided to spend just one night in Catania before we flew home. Getting from Taormina to Catania isn't difficult but unfortunately the train we intended to take there was cancelled. We opted for the bus instead since it was only 4.90. You can get tickets for the bus from the cafe inside Taormina-Giardini station and the bus stop is just across the road.

We didn't really have a plan for our time there so we just wandered around the centre in the evening. Catania is full of gorgeous baroque architecture so we weren't short on things to see.
The main site I wanted to see was the Duomo (the outside is pictured above). It's been rebuilt throughout history due to facing earthquakes and eruptions but what stands today is pretty impressive.
Here's the Fontana dell'Elefante, the elephant statue that has become a symbol of the city. It is said that pygmy elephants roamed the city in ancient times. Also, legend has it that the obelisk on top of the elephant has magical powers.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Top - Forever21 / Skirt - New Look / Sandals - Mango
Photos by Faaizah

Here's my third and final outfit post from Sicily. I spent the rest of the trip looking terrible. Just kidding, although I certainly didn't get as dressed up as I did here. These photos were taken by Castelmola's castle remains. Thankfully no one took these stairs to get down from the castle while my friends and I had an impromptu photo shoot.

I got this floral, pleated skirt at New Look a while ago. I wasn't sure about it but it was on sale so I thought why not. It turned out to be a great purchase since I've been wearing it a tonne. It kept the sun off my legs and it has the added bonus of being really fun to twirl around in. Here I paired it with a black t-shirt and my lace up sandals, a trend that seems to have more staying power than the laces do on my legs (seriously, are some people taping them to their legs to get them to stay? Is that the trick?). Each of these pieces will probably become my staples for the summer, if summer ever decides to pay the UK a visit.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Castelmola Photo Diary

During our time in Sicily we took a short day trip to Castelmola, a small medieval village above Taormina. You can get there by bus or walk if you're a keen hiker, although it might take a while. 
Buses drop off and pick up passengers from Piazza san Antonio. You can sit in the shade at Bar San Giorgio with a drink while you wait.
Being 529 metres above sea level, the views from Castelmola are nothing short of stunning.
The village is home to the ruins of an old castle thought to have been built by the Romans. All that remains are walls that were later built by the Normans. It's a fascinating place to see. Plus it sits above the village so the views are amazing from up there.
Wandering around the streets of Castelmola is also a highlight. Special guest appearance: Mon in her cute hat!
The Duomo.
If you're ever in Taormina, definitely stop by Castelmola. The town might be small but it's full of charm and ended up being one of my highlights of the trip. Also, make sure you stop by Da Pippo for some homemade gelato!
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