Sunday, 29 May 2016

Origins Zero Oil Toner Review

After trying out the Clinique toner I told myself I was going to go for something cheaper. Well technically this Origins toner is cheaper but not by much. After seeing some reviews recommending this for blemish prone skin I went for it, and I have to say it does a pretty good job.

The scent: Smells minty and saw palmetto-ey (I'm guessing).

The road test: I used it every night and it lasted around 3 months. This toner claims to refine pores but I didn't notice any major changes. It helped with oil control a little bit but again nothing amazing. What won me over with this product is that it was really good at preventing my breakouts.
One annoying thing is that it seemed to evaporate pretty quickly even though I screwed the lid on tight after use. It's not like it's a cheap bottle either!

The verdict: It might not make a huge different to your pores but it did a great job keeping my spots at bay so I'd recommend this product if you want something to deal with blemishes. Just watch out for the toner disappearing.
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