Sunday, 27 March 2016

I scream for ice scream weather

Jumper - Topshop, Skirt - H! by Henry Holland (old), Shoes - New Look (old)
Despite getting more and more annoyed at never ending Winter, I'm glad it gave me the excuse to get this awesome jumper from Topshop. I'm not usually one for pastels but I couldn't pass on this top. The lilac and peach just go great together. I also love how baggy this jumper is and it hasn't been hemmed which gives it a nice casual look. Now if only the weather warmed up a little bit so I could wear this out without a coat.

Also I have to give a shout-out to my friend Monisha who shot these for me. We were on our way to a uni drinks thing and didn't have much time so we rushed out to Southbank in the rain, found the tunnel with the cool graffiti, and took about 80 shots before running to meet our friends. You also get weird looks wearing no tights in 10 degree, rainy weather. Blogger problems, huh.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Topshop Magic Liner Review

After using up my amazing K-Palette liner (damn that thing lasted a long time), I debated over repurchasing or trying out something new. Something new won, and in this case it was Topshop's Magic Liner.

The packaging: I love Topshop Beauty's packaging in general and this product was no exception. It's simple and stylish. I do have one somewhat strange complaint which is that the lid doesn't make a satisfying click when you put it back on.

The application: The brush is like a long marker pen which I found pretty tricky to use at first. The length made me feel like I didn't have the most control over it. I think it just depends on what you're used to though, I could imagine some people really liking this. The tip is really thin so once I got the hang of it, I could be more precise. It's also great for drawing wings.

The colour: I got Engraved which is black.

The road test: The first time I wore it, I came home with faint black smudges trailing down the sides of my eyes. So much for first impressions. However, I've been using it with my Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer which has kept it in place for longer. Also, it should be noted that this thing isn't waterproof.

Overall: Sadly, this liner wasn't so magical for me. For reference, my eyelids do get oily so I think that probably worked against this liner. This product usually gets great reviews so it may work better for you. If you like marker-like applicators and like to draw thin, precise lines, then I'd say check this out. However, if you normally struggle with finding long-lasting liners like I do, check out K-Palette.
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