Gold Heels

Monday, 21 November 2016

Jacket - Hong Kong / Top - M&S / Skirt - New Look / Boots - Topshop (all old)
Photos by Faaizah

So we're back to that time of year where outdoor shoots require pretending to not look freezing without a coat on. I know this look would've been better without tights but there's a chance my legs might've been blue by the end of the shoot which wouldn't have made for good pictures.

Anyway, here's a slightly grungy look that I wore to a birthday lunch. The prevalence of the 90s trends have really gotten to me - my online shopping carts are full of slip dresses right now. I like a subtle mix of prints so I thought my floral skirt and striped jacket would pair up nicely. I also really like that they're both long pieces, though being 5'2" there's always a risk of getting proportions wrong and having my frame just completely swamped. I once tried on a huge fluffy coat which I loved, but it kinda looked like I was being enveloped by some sort of monster. The highlight of this outfit has to go to the mirror details on my heels. Gotta love a small touch of gold.


  1. Those heels are just fab! :) They also bring such a lovely texture to the outfit :)

    ♥ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

    1. Thanks! Heels are such a great place for something unexpected right.

  2. this outfit is just to die for! love everything x

  3. I was reading your blog and it seems like you enjoy Kpop too? If so, what are your favourite groups??

  4. I know what you mean! I just bought a slip dress to pair with an oversized jacket and over the knees but the weather stopped permitting such styles, haha. You look GREAT! I love the small gold detail on the heels, wasn't expecting that! xx



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