Innisfree Powerproof Brush Liner Review

Sunday, 11 September 2016

innisfree liner

In the liquid liner world K-Palette is king, but I thought I'd try out this worthy competitor.

innisfree liner

The packaging: Very simple and nothing really special. There is a spring in the lid which I guess is to help keep you from ruining the brush tip but it does feel a little bit strange whenever you try to put it back on.

The application: I'm a big fan of brush liners and I find the thin tip easy to use.

innisfree liner

The colour: I got mine in black.

The road test: It stays on pretty well! Some days I come home and find that it's smeared a bit at the edges but usually there's nothing too noticeable. Sadly, there is a problem I have with this liner which is that it sometimes dries up while I'm using it. Shaking it can get a little more out but sometimes you just have to wait for it to work properly again.

The verdict: It's a great liner that's long lasting and easy to apply. It's such a shame that it dries up sometimes. Aside from that, it's almost on par with K-Palette's 24 Hour Liner.


  1. I really love it this eyeliner is one of my favorite korean products. Even I published a review about this baby.

  2. it looks so thin and neat! love Korean beauty products, thanks for sharing! :)

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