Castelmola Photo Diary

Saturday, 9 July 2016

During our time in Sicily we took a short day trip to Castelmola, a small medieval village above Taormina. You can get there by bus or walk if you're a keen hiker, although it might take a while. 
Buses drop off and pick up passengers from Piazza san Antonio. You can sit in the shade at Bar San Giorgio with a drink while you wait.
Being 529 metres above sea level, the views from Castelmola are nothing short of stunning.
The village is home to the ruins of an old castle thought to have been built by the Romans. All that remains are walls that were later built by the Normans. It's a fascinating place to see. Plus it sits above the village so the views are amazing from up there.
Wandering around the streets of Castelmola is also a highlight. Special guest appearance: Mon in her cute hat!
The Duomo.
If you're ever in Taormina, definitely stop by Castelmola. The town might be small but it's full of charm and ended up being one of my highlights of the trip. Also, make sure you stop by Da Pippo for some homemade gelato!


  1. It looks so so beautiful. I definitely need to make some trips to see more of Europe and Italy at some point. I've still never been!

    1. It was! You have to see Italy at some point - it's such a beautiful country! I'd love to see more of Europe too.

  2. Beyond stunning photographs, I love the style of this post, as it shows off your holiday through the use of image. Have a happy Sunday! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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