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Sunday, 12 June 2016

I'm quite the hoarder in general but one thing that's been slowly growing is my sunglasses collection. If I ever became a serious collector of anything, I don't think sunglasses would be a bad choice. They're small, easy to store, and they come in handy for those two days of sunshine we have every year in England. I don't make wishlist posts very often but I thought I'd share some of the brands I like to stare at and the pairs I would add to my collection if I had money to burn.

I first heard about Gentle Monster in a branding lecture. They were used as an example of a brand that's fashionable as hell (not the professor's words). I looked them up right after the lecture and immediately wished I owned several pairs. They have some amazing concept stores in Korea, and they've even expanded to New York and Beijing.

Blanc & Eclare


New York

I have to admit I never really paid much attention to Jessica Jung (former Girls Generation member) until she started up her fashion brand. I  get quite interested in seeing how celebrity businesses go, so I looked up Blanc & Eclare and thought her sunglasses were awesome. I love how the frames are named after different cities. Tokyo are definitely my favourite pair with their unique shape.

Sunnies Studio



I couldn't leave out Sunnies. I bought several pairs and reviewed them in a post a few months ago. Sadly they're only available in the Philippines and a couple of other Asian countries but with the way they're growing maybe they'll expand to over here one day. They're so affordable but don't compromise on style.

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