March Favourites

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Oh March. You really kicked my ass, you know. Was it really necessary to cram in all those deadlines? I really did not enjoy much of this month but here are some of the things I did enjoy.

Topshop Jumper
I had a voucher for Topshop, so I ended up going through the Oxford Street store trying to find something I liked. Why is it that whenever you're in the mood to buy something you can't find anything but when you're broke everything in the store looks amazing? Anyway, I wasn't sold on this jumper but I tried it on for fun and ended up thinking 'actually this is great!' It's comfortable and huge - I got it in a size 6 and it looks nicely oversized on me. I wore it in my last outfit post, which you can check out here.

This month I've been using Etude House's Every Month Cleansing Foam in 3 - Apple and Tomato. It was a complete coincidence that I started using month 3's cleanser in March but maybe it means I'm doing something right. This cleanser is meant to be tone clarifying and brightening but I haven't noticed that much of a change in my complexion. I think I'm just not observant enough. However, this cleanser has been good at removing makeup and my face feels really refreshed after I use it. It tightens my skin and just makes it feel really clean. I'll be sure to write a full review after I've used it a bit more.

At the start of the month, I downloaded Tales From The Borderlands since I wanted to try out a Tell Tale game. They specialize in episodic gaming, and since Tales has been out forever I got to binge-play it. I hadn't played the Borderlands games but I still really enjoyed this game. You play as company man Rhys and con artist Fiona who end up teaming up to find a Vault full of treasure. As with all Tell Tale games you get to decide what the characters say and make some of their big decisions. You also get to hit buttons repeatedly at some points  (which I could've done without to be honest) but all in all it's a really fun, hilarious game.

Fallout 4's first DLC Automatron was also released this month so I was hooked on that for a good couple of hours. This DLC introduces a new threat to the Commonwealth - The Mechanist and their robots. Robots are my favourite part of Fallout so this was pretty much everything I ever wanted. You get to build your own robots too, so I've begun the process of filling all of my settlements with friendly bots.


  1. It's like a written version of youtube videos. great! x


    1. Haha yeah! It works well for blog features too.
      Btw your blog name is awesome!

  2. The design of this cloth is amazing especially its color. Nice one.

    Makeup and Beauty

  3. that's a really cute topshop jumper! and cool post :)

    xoxo, rae


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