Sunday, 26 July 2015

Too Cool For School Highline Eye Pencil Review

Too Cool For School is a brand I had to try simply for their awesome packaging. The Highline Liner is one of their bestsellers and when tried it out in the store, I was really impressed by its resilience. However, I did have some issues with it when I started using it.

The product: A twist up pencil liner.

The packaging: Being part of Too Cool For School's Dinoplatz collection means this liner's packaging is covered in illustrations of tall buildings and dinosaurs. Awesome. It also conveniently comes with its own smudger and sharpener in the lid.

The colour: A good old black.

The application: What bothers me about this liner is that even if you sharpen it extremely well, it's still quite a chunky pencil. I'm used to thin pen liners so using this is quite challenging for me. Also, the application will depend on the weather: if it's cold, the liner will drag a little when you apply it but if it's very hot, it becomes extremely creamy and hard to control.

The road test: What this liner does extremely well is that it lasts a very long time with minimal smudging or fading. I also swatched it on my hand and ran it under the tap and it survived pretty well!

Swatch after adding water & smudging
The drawbacks: As I've mentioned the liner becomes very soft in hot weather, so sharpening it is not an easy task. If you live in a warm climate you might wanna keep this one in the fridge before sharpening.

Overall: If you like drawing thick lines and want a long lasting pencil liner then this is for you! Just keep it in the fridge if the weather gets too hot.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Playing With Nail Stickers

I picked up these adorable nail stickers at Aland in Hong Kong. I'd never thought cacti and potted plants would make great nail art but it turns out they do! I love how cute and simple they looked. Sadly the stickers didn't last very long, even with a topcoat. They were fun while they lasted though.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Dressing for interviews when it's 30°C

Shirt - 3.3 Field Trip (Aland), Skirt - Vintage Hobbs, Shoes - New Look
Watch - Daniel Wellington

I had an interview during the mini heat wave and it took me quite a while to figure out what to wear. I realized most of my smart clothing is suited to the UK's default cold and rainy settings and not for a sweltering 30°C (I hear this is what other countries call 'summer'). Luckily, I do have one pencil skirt that isn't made from thick wool. I paired it with a white shirt with cool cut-outs from Aland to make the look a little more interesting. Of course, the hardest thing about dressing for interviews isn't taking the temperature into consideration; it's difficult to know whether you've dressed appropriately for the place and position. However, this outfit seemed to work for me as I managed to land the internship! Woohoo!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

3CE Lipstick Reviews and Swatches: Bella and Burnt Red

Whenever I'm looking at lipstick on a beauty counter, my hand automatically reaches towards the darker shades. Throw in a friendly/persuasive sales assistant and my hand begins placing the lipsticks into a basket and before I know it I'm buying more lipstick than I need. Again. But generally I'm very happy with my purchases and these two gorgeous shades from 3CE are no exception. I thought I'd do a two-in-one review since these lipsticks are pretty much the same aside from their colours.

The packaging: I have to say that this brand's packaging is ridiculously photogenic. I really love the cuboid packaging and semi-matte finish on the plastic. If you aren't a fan of black then 3CE also have pink packaging available.

The pigmentation: These are nicely build-able, which is handy for darker shades.

The application: They both go on pretty smoothly.

The colours:


I admit - about 70% of the reason I bought this shade was because of the name. The thought process went something like "Bella...that's kinda really close to my name...I shall make it my signature shade!". And that I have done! It's a gorgeous dark pink shade which isn't overly dramatic, so I find it easy to wear on a regular basis.

Burnt Red

Despite looking dark purple in the tube, the name of this one is true to its colour. I wanted something vampy to replace my expired Revlon Black Cherry and this has managed to take its place perfectly.

Overall: I really love both of these lipsticks and they've been great additions to my unnecessarily large collection.
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