Sunday, 31 May 2015

Goodbye for now, Hong Kong

So tomorrow, my year abroad is coming to an end. I’ve almost finished packing (if throwing everything in your suitcase and smooshing it all together counts as packing) and I’m just thinking about how weird everything seems right now. I’ve spent the last 9 months living in a city I had never been to before and having to leave it all now makes me really sad. I fell in love with this place right at the start and managed to make it my home fairly quickly. It’s also weird thinking about what ‘home’ is right now as I’m actually going ‘home’. Don’t get me wrong, I love London, but I am going to try my best to find a way to come back and live in Asia.

So before I finally finish packing, I thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken throughout my time here.

Hong Kong is known for being crowded and Central can certainly get insanely busy around rush hour. The first place I ventured out to on my own was Central, not knowing it was mainly a business area. There are a couple shops, however, like makeup giant SASA, Topshop, Zara, and some great places to eat too.

Gough Street, Sheung Wan
Street food in Asia is pretty amazing. I've never eaten at this place but I'm assuming it's good because there's always a queue.

Shin Hing Street, Sheung Wan
Sheung Wan is one of my favourite places to hang out with its cute coffee shops and street art. However, be prepared to tackle tonnes of stairs!

Peel Street (or somewhere near there), Soho
Some more awesome street art.

The Hong Kong Observation Wheel was built during my time here. I've never been on it, so it will be something to come back and try.

This musical trio was playing one afternoon in the IFC mall. Mall culture is something that’s pretty huge in Asia and you’ll find a lot of MTR stations in Hong Kong have exits attached to malls, sometimes even multiple ones! The sheer amount of them might make some think ‘what's the point?’, but when it gets to summer time and stepping outside causes you to instantly melt, you’ll be grateful for the air conditioning.

This was taken on free tram ride day! Hong Kong’s trams aren’t the fastest way to travel but they are a great way to see Hong Kong if you aren’t in a rush.

Sheung Wang
One thing I’ll miss a lot is the bakeries. You’ll find some familiar goods but there’s also a lot of new things to try for cheap prices.

Nan Lian Garden, Diamond Hill
Hong Kong has some beautiful parks to hang out in, and the Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery are lovely places to spend an afternoon.

Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
This is the view at the back of another one of Hong Kong's megamalls, Harbour City.

Victoria Peak
And of course I had to end with Victoria Peak. The Peak is probably HK’s no.1 site you should see. I love the way Hong Kong’s skyscrapers light up and make this amazing view.

These are only some of the places I went to in Hong Kong as I don't want to bore you with a complete year abroad album. There really is something for everyone in Hong Kong, whether you're into hiking up mountains, shopping non-stop, finding cool little coffee shops, or eating more than you thought you ever could.  If you ever get the chance to visit Hong Kong then I hope you enjoy your time here. I know I did.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Pop of Black

Dress - Monki, Sunglasses - Le Specs

Hong Kong's heat and humidity makes wearing black kind of a chore. Thankfully, this Monki dress is so light and thin that I can wear it without completely melting. Faaizah and I went down to the pier near Kennedy town and took these photos in front of some shipping containers which made perfect backgrounds. Gotta love contrasts! I went for simple gold accessories because black and gold is always a winning combination. The sunglasses were a gift from Faaizah and they make me feel like a boss lady.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

3CE Nail Lacquer in Shade SD06 Review

I spotted this polish in StyleNanda and immediately fell in love with the colour. Unfortunately, the polish does have its bad points so I thought I'd do a quick review.

Product description: Mystic purple glitter with sand black
Volume: 10ml

The packaging: 3CE packaging is simple but very sleek. I like the matte lid

The texture: 'Sand' is a good way to put it. It makes it appear quite matte so the glitter has more of a subtle sparkle in comparison to a wet shine, which in this case I really like!

The colour: is the reason I bought it! It's more on the pink side than it appears in my photos but it's still gorgeously dark.

The consistency: Sadly, this is its downfall. It's so, so sheer and has a really watery consistency. It took me 3 coats to get the colour as dark as I wanted it. However, you can just layer it over a black coat.

The application: The large lid makes it really easy to apply, which is great because you need multiple coats.

The road test: It has chipped a bit after a week of wear but it's nothing drastic.

Overall: So it's not the best polish in terms of opaqueness but if you're willing to layer up on the coats, I think the colour is worth it. 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sort Of Meaning Business

Blazer - Mango, Top - 6ixty 8ight, Trousers - Lartigent, Watch - Daniel Wellington
I had to bring the blazer with me to Hong Kong as business students here are subjected to multiple group project presentations, and many of them have to be delivered in appropriate attire. Other than that, my blazer doesn't get to see the light of day much, so I thought I'd take it out and pair it with something more fun. I picked up the blue floral trousers from an A-land in Seoul (sidenote: I'm really gonna miss trousers fitting me without having to be altered when I leave Asia) and matched them with a loose fitting tank top for a relaxed look. Throw on a blazer, however, and suddenly you mean business. Sorta.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Tokyo Travel Diary Part 3: Shinjuku & Recommendations

Our final day in Tokyo was spent in Shinjuku. In the morning, we walked through Shinjuku Gyoen. We mainly walked through the stunning Japanese gardens.

It's a great place to relax in busy Tokyo.

The star of the show! We were lucky to come across a blooming cherry blossom tree since they weren't expected to bloom for another few weeks.

And of course, obligatory sakura shots.

A cute cafe.

And onwards to the shops! I pretty much put the camera away after this and enjoyed the rest of the day.


We stayed at Kimi Ryokan in Ikebukuro, a traditional style hostel where you sleep on futons. It was very decently priced and the kitchen had free matcha tea!

Places to shop:
Shibuya 109 (Shibuya) and Lumine Est. (Shinjuku) were my favourite malls. They both seemed to be aimed at teens to young adults. Also, there seemed to be tonnes of different brands that each catered to a different style.
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