Sunday, 19 April 2015

Tips For Taming Your Fringe/Bangs

Being someone who has had a fringe since my hair was long enough, I like to think of myself as an expert on the topic of fringe maintenance. Here's what I've learnt over the years that might help you out with taming them:

1. Never, ever let your fringe dry by itself without at least combing it down and into place. I use a comb and my fingers to separate my fringe from the rest of my hair, make my mini side part and then sweep it to the side a little. Then I'll usually clamp my hand over it whilst using a hairdryer to make sure it stays where I want it to stay. Put it in it's place!

2. Learning to trim your fringe yourself can save a lot of trips to the hairdresser. It can be quite daunting at first but you do get the hang of it. Unless you have a steady hand, it's better not to cut your fringe horizontally as it's easier to make it uneven this way. You wanna keep the scissors pointing upwards as you snip across. I also prefer to trim my fringe while it's dry after a couple mishaps of cutting more than I've meant to when it's been wet.

3. I've noticed my fringe tends to get greasy more quickly than the rest of my hair, so dry shampoo has become a very good friend of mine. If you don't fancy dry shampoo (or you face the nightmare of unexpectedly running out of it one morning), you can tie the rest of your hair back and quickly wash and shampoo your fringe. It usually dries quickly and it gives the illusion that your hair is clean!

I hope these tips are helpful for someone out there!


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Let's Talk About Genderless Clothing

With Selfridge’s recent Agender pop up and plans to dispose of separate menswear and womenswear departments, the idea of genderless clothing has been thrust into the media spotlight.

In my opinion: it’s about time.

Too often, society’s construction of gender attaches rigid labels to men and women (and often fails to recognize other genders outside these two categories). When these constraints extend to fashion, it puts restrictions on what is supposed to be a form of self-expression. Those who try to break these boundaries may have to deal with having their gender or even sexuality questioned.

The idea of genderless clothing is that these labels are ignored and you can wear whatever you like. Yes lines have been blurred in fashion with androgynous clothing and ‘boyfriend’ jeans but it’s more about seeing clothing items unattached to gender whatsoever. There are no ‘menswear’ and ‘womenswear’ sections, it’s all ‘wear’.

So what are your thoughts on genderless clothing? I'm honestly still figuring everything out but I do really believe in people wearing what they want without gender constraining them. I'd love to hear other ideas though too, so feel free to leave a comment!


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Tokyo Travel Diary Part 2: Meiji Shrine, Harajuku & Shibuya

We started off the second day with a visit to Meiji Jingu. This is a Shinto shrine dedicated to Emporer Meiji and Empress Shoken.

Fancy some sake?

Since Meiji Shrine is right by Harajuku station, we headed back into Harajuku to look around. This is the bridge where so many street style photos are taken! Since it was a Wednesday morning, however, it was pretty empty.

Takeshirta Dori is a street filled with adorable clothes, accessories, makeup etc. My 13 year old self would have had a field day.

Pretty crepes.

We also came across a Line Friends store! Line is a popular messaging app across Asia and they use the most adorable characters for their stickers.

Brown is easily my favourite character. He never changes his expression.

Cool building.

I saw this matcha latte on Instagram and immediately noted it down on my list of places to go. The Yojiya Cafe is located in Shibuya Hikarie, a department store right next to Shibuya station. Once we got there, we found out Yojiya is a make up brand! It originates from Kyoto and the face on the latte is their logo.

After the matcha break, it was time for some shopping.

Shibuya 109 was like a gleaming beacon in the distance. I have been wanting to shop here for a long, long time and it did not disappoint. Only my budget stopped me from walking out with the entire contents of Emoda.

The last part of my Tokyo diary is coming soon!
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