3CE Nail Lacquer in Shade SD06 Review

Sunday, 17 May 2015

I spotted this polish in StyleNanda and immediately fell in love with the colour. Unfortunately, the polish does have its bad points so I thought I'd do a quick review.

Product description: Mystic purple glitter with sand black
Volume: 10ml

The packaging: 3CE packaging is simple but very sleek. I like the matte lid

The texture: 'Sand' is a good way to put it. It makes it appear quite matte so the glitter has more of a subtle sparkle in comparison to a wet shine, which in this case I really like!

The colour: is the reason I bought it! It's more on the pink side than it appears in my photos but it's still gorgeously dark.

The consistency: Sadly, this is its downfall. It's so, so sheer and has a really watery consistency. It took me 3 coats to get the colour as dark as I wanted it. However, you can just layer it over a black coat.

The application: The large lid makes it really easy to apply, which is great because you need multiple coats.

The road test: It has chipped a bit after a week of wear but it's nothing drastic.

Overall: So it's not the best polish in terms of opaqueness but if you're willing to layer up on the coats, I think the colour is worth it. 


  1. wooah I need this nail polish in my life. so beautiful


  2. The color is so pretty <3 <3 crush on your nails lol

    Margareta Vania
    Fashion Blogger

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  3. This looks delicious! Love it!

  4. this is a wonderful color annabelle, with all the glitters and sparkles. We really, really need to do each other's nails if we meet. ahaha :)

    xoxo, rae

    1. Thanks Rae! And yes! I'll bring all my nail tools!


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