Countouring Pale Skin: NYX PB11 Taupe Blush Review

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Contouring has always been something that fascinates yet terrifies me. Illusion of cheekbones? I'll take that any day. Looking like you've fallen face first in the mud? I'll pass. Being pale sadly means there's quite a deficit when it comes to contours that will suit my skin tone. However, after some googling I found rave reviews about this NYX powder blush in Taupe. After tying it out, I can understand why.

The packaging: the outside is nothing special, being a black plastic container with a window at the top. I do like the spiked texture in the pan though.

I swiped it once on the left and then built up to a darker shade on the right.
The pigmentation: I swatched it multiple times on my arm and as you can see it's very sheer but very buildable. Perfect for contouring pale skin as you get a lot of control over how dark you want to go.

The colour: A cool toned taupe.

The application: I used Sephora's Pro Contour Brush #74. I didn't want to go too dark as I'm very inexperienced with contouring, and due to the sheerness of it I could keep it faint and natural looking. If you're less of a contour wimp unlike me then you can easily build it up. (Also, I would like to thank lighting and unfocused shots for being the best photoshop out there.)

The road test: It does fade throughout the day so if you want to come home with more than just a subtle glow, retouching is required.

Overall: I definitely recommend it if you're also a contouring beginner with pale skin. It's easy to work with and it is an affordable price at USD $5 on the NYX site. As I live outside of the U.S., I purchased mine on Amazon since NYX don't ship directly to other countries.


  1. I really want to try that one, but the only store that sells it near me is always out of stock :( **

    1. Yeah, it's quite hard to get a hold of! It's out of stock a lot on the website and when I got it on Amazon it was low in stock too. I hope you manage to get it soon!

  2. Oh very cute effect,
    Thanks for this review

  3. I think people who know how to contour/can pull it off always looks so great ( you are one of them!)
    Cute look!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

    1. Wow thank you! That means a lot to a beginner like me!

  4. Love this blush! It was so hard to get hands on it, because it was sold out everywhere!


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