A Quick Outfit Post From Ginza

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Coat - H&M, Shirt - M&S, Skirt - MERCURYDUO
Here's a short post of one of my outfits from my recent trip to Tokyo! Faaizah (who has a blog now!) and I took on the megacity during our reading week and had an amazing time. I'm still sorting through my pictures for a travel post so in the meantime here's what I wore when we visited Asakusa and Ginza. I went for a slight cutesy look with the pink midi skirt and white shirt. Since it was pretty cold, I had a black cardigan on (which wasn't supposed to be in the shot). I also cut off my feet since I just opted to wear my comfy vans for the whole trip. I really need to learn from the Japanese girls I saw coasting by in 6 inch heels.


  1. What a great outfit on you!
    You look so cute :)



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