Saturday, 27 December 2014

Beijing Diary Part 1: Nanluoguxiang, Forbidden City, and Wangfujing

I'm back! I've been shamefully lazy with the blog these past few months but that's going to change now. I've given the place a little revamp so it's much easier on the eyes now. Also, I should warn you that this is turning into a travel blog for the next few weeks since it's the holidays and I'm travelling to a few different places in Asia!

I didn't really plan on going to Mainland China during my time in Hong Kong but my boyfriend suggested that we should go to Beijing when the semester ended. I'm so glad he did because seeing Beijing was incredible! I was trying to whittle down the three hundred photos I took into just one post but I've since realized that was a stupid idea, so I'm going to aim for three posts instead.

After arriving in Beijing, we headed to a preserved old district Nanluoguxiang. The area is filled with places to eat (street food, cafes, restaurants) and shops. It's a great place to hang out and buy some souvenirs.

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