Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Look Around The National Theatre Bookshop

Last week, a friend and I came across the National Theatre Bookshop: a pop-up store with a small but great selection of books, posters, mugs etc and cafe/bar. Since books and hot drinks are one of the best combinations on the planet we decided to come back after an early class for some coffee. Aside from the uneven floors I'd be very happy if my future home looked like this. The coffees/hot chocolates were all around £2.10 and were quite small but delicious. If you're in London and need to pick up a poster depicting the deaths of each character in Shakespeare's plays and fancy a drink while you're there then this place is perfect.

Link to their site here.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

A look around 221B

I promised a friend last year that we would visit the Sherlock Holmes museum after the holidays since she's a fan of some of the movies. I love the BBC's Sherlock but I've yet to read the books or even watch the films. Despite that it was still fun looking around 221B Baker Street (my dad was surprised that it's actually located there. He thought I was joking). Tickets are £8 and there are 3 floors with small rooms on each of them but I think it's worth it if you're a huge fan. It's also great for interior design inspiration!


Sunday, 12 January 2014

Butterfly Nails

Westminster Bridge Road by Nails Inc over Black by Barry M Nail Varnish

I think I need to add learning to edit photos to my list of new years resolutions. Anyway, I decided to try out some NPW nail decorations I got for Christmas. I did a galaxy background  (I'm surprised I still see clothes in stores with this print) and then went for the butterfly decorations. You're meant to hold them until the polish dries after you apply them. I didn't read this instruction until after they had dried so I compensated with about 3 clear top coats. I've had them on for almost a week and only one butterfly has fallen off so I'm pretty impressed.
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