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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Tshirt - The Kooples (eBay score), Skirt - Warehouse (old)

The Kooples is one of the many brands I admire from afar since buying their clothing would burn a giant hole in my wallet. Luckily, I won an auction for one of their tshirts on eBay for around £15 (originally it was £69. Also I wasn't that lucky, I was the only one who bid...). I love how badass the lighting, skulls, and city motif looks. I paired it with my pleated fake leather skirt from Warehouse because you can't beat black on black.

I also wanted to let you guys know I started an Etsy store called For The Crown! I'm making scrunchies right now but I do want to do other hair accessories and possibly jewellery one day. I'll make a proper post about it once there's more things in the shop as I'm hoping to update it more throughout next week.

Lyrics in title from High Tide Rising by Fox.


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