Minions and Monsters, Inc. Nails

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

I'm back! I have failed to post anything after my exams ended due to becoming a giant couch potato. When I'm not lazing around in my living room then I'm probably playing Child of Light, which is a great RPG except it tends to run very slowly on some laptops (mine included) so if you're thinking about getting it just be aware of that.

However, I was sort of productive on Monday as some of my friends came over and we cooked brunch together. After, some of them asked me to paint their nails and above is my attempt of the Despicable Me minions and Monsters, Inc.'s Mike and Sully. I forgot that painting other people's nails aren't as easy as doing my own but I still had fun making these. Also thanks to my friend for letting me take pictures of her hands and putting them on my blog!


  1. You must work on my nails when we meet! hahaha. super cuuuuute nail art!~

    xoxo, rae


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