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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Hello everyone! I still have exams so I'm sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I've been living in whatever I grab from of my wardrobe in the mornings and then looking at textbooks/practice questions all day so I'm not really in outfit photo mode. Instead I thought I should make a post about some of my favourite Youtube fashion gurus so I don't have to get dressed up.

There has been a rise of fashion gurus on Youtube recently but I feel like they haven't yet reached the heights of the beauty guru community in terms of subscriber count and just the sheer amount of them. There are a lot of beauty gurus who make good fashion videos and most of you probably know of Clothesencounters, but I thought I'd show you some channels that you might not have heard of.


I only subscribed to The Lineup recently but it is quickly becoming one of my favourite fashion channels. The stylish duo Maya and Julia live in Sweden and their channel inlcudes lookbooks, styling videos, hauls and ootds. They're quite new on Youtube but I think they should have a lot more subscribers than they currently have.


Q2HAN is run by twin sisters Qjin & Qwon (their blog here) who make a tonne of DIY videos. I admit I haven't made anything from their channel yet but I really want to when I get some free time. They show you how to make bags, clothes, and accessories and pair their creations with different outfits at the beginning of each video. Some of the projects aren't that suitable for beginners but others look very doable like this unicorn clutch.


Maddie's channel is more of a mix of lookbooks, hauls, monthly favourites and DIYs but I can't not include her in my fashion favourites. She wears so many cute and interesting pieces and I often find myself wanting to buy most of the things she wears.

Vagabond Youth

Going by subscriber count this is the most popular channel I've included but I still think it deserves even more. Amy is one of my favourite youtubers in general as she just comes across as a really awesome person in her videos. Along with fashion videos there are a few related to college which might be helpful for some. She hasn't made a whole lot of videos recently which she explains in the video above but I'm hoping for more soon.

So that's some of my fashion favourites on Youtube. I do have more beauty and general favourites which I might do a post on another time but I should really be getting back to revision now.

Also if you have any Youtube favourites (fashion, beauty, comedy or anything) please let me know! I watch a lot of Youtube so I always like finding new people.


  1. I can't access youtube because of some technical problems. anyway I hardly use youtube and these days I have no time to watch videos and stuff. I am occupied with exams and stuff. Actually SAT. And that's exactly what I do - practice questions all day long. Which exam are you taking? Best of luck for your exams. I like your blog and I hope you visit my blog soon. :)

    1. That's a shame! I'm doing first year uni exams which aren't too bad but I find some things difficult so I have to keep practicing them. Good luck to you as well! I hope the practicing pays off for you :)

  2. Yes yes I love a bit of Amy!! And the Lineup's style looks amazeballs :)

    1. Hi Grace! I thought I replied to your comment days ago but I guess it didn't publish. Weird.
      I didn't know you liked Amy too! And yeah The Lineup are great :D


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