Welcome To Night Vale Nails

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Polishes: Barry M - silver foil effects, Etude House - black with sparkles. Designs made with a thin nail brush.

Welcome To Night Vale is a podcast where the news and events of fictional town Night Vale are reported. Night Vale is a friendly desert community where hooded figures roam, glowing clouds use mind control and a vague yet menacing government agency keep watch over people. There is also a dog park which you should not enter. Or look at.

The podcast my current obsession, so I based my nails on the logo and some of the characters. Instead of a purple background, I used silver because I have no idea where my purple polish went. Maybe the angels took them for a special mission or something...


  1. So nice and beautiful blog ! I want to invite You to mine , ! Maybe you wanna follow each other ? If yes follow me and let me know ! I will do the same as soon as it possible :*

  2. super nice design! I'd love to have this in my nails as well! hihi ^^)


    1. Thanks! If we ever meet up I'll paint them for you :)


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