Monday, 29 October 2012

The Little Black Jacket Exhibition

Yesterday, I caught The Little Black Jacket exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. The idea is simple: taking the timeless Chanel jacket and photographing it on different people. What makes it interesting is seeing the jacket work in so many different ways and the different personalities presented in each photo. All I can say is, after seeing the exhibition, I really hope I can own a little black jacket one day.

Check out the behind the scenes video of the making of the book and the opening party of the exhibition in London. If the exhibition is in your city, I'd definitely recommend going.


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Simple Nail Art

I have a folder of nail art I've done over the years on my computer and I thought I should dig some of them out. These are two of the simpler designs from when I felt like being creative but was too lazy to do anything intricate. It didn't work though, the first design took me so much longer than I expected.
Both of these were inspired by nail art in music videos. The first are like Marina's nails in Primadonna Girl and I saw the second ones in Miss A's Touch.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

At this moment, you mean everything

Jumper - H&M, Skirt - H&M, Shirt(collar seen) - Thailand, Bag - H! by Henry Holland
Finally a picture where I'm outside! Thanks to Charlotte for taking this for me.

I went to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower recently which was amazing! Gotta love Ezra Miller. The only thing is Come On Eileen has been in my head ever since.

Surprisingly it was a really nice autumn evening so I got away with wearing this outfit without freezing. I think I'm starting to develop an obsession with H&M, but some of the pieces in their current collection just have my name written on them! I got this skirt last week and it's my new favourite. I've been trying to hunt down an affordable leather/fake leather skirt for ages so when I found this I almost jumped in the air. I paired it with this black jumper (which is covered in some sort of paint so it's reflecting the street lights) and a collared shirt.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Caped Crusader

Cape - Uniqlo, Jumper - Warehouse, Skirt - Primark

I remember two years ago telling my friends I was going to get a cape for the winter. Almost all of them replied "like a superhero?!" When I said no they were very disappointed.
But two years on and I'm so glad I bought this. I've been seeing capes in magazines recently so I thought it was time to get it out again. Sure it's no superhero cape, but seeing as I have no superpowers or a tonne of money (which is the best superpower - just look at Batman and Iron Man) it will do. And besides, Edna Mode made a good case as to why you shouldn't wear capes when fighting crime.

Also apologies for the low quality pictures, I really need some light and another person to take them for me.

Friday, 5 October 2012


Cardigan - H&M, Shirt - Brick Lane Sunday Market, Skirt - H&M, Necklace - Thailand
I finally found a plain wall in my house that's big enough to be a backdrop! I had to clear away the mess in front of it first to take these pictures. It took a while; the sun buggered off and some flash and editing had to get involved hence the quality of the photos, but I'm still on the plain wall high so I'm happy.

I've decided I need more circle skirts in my life since I only own two, one of them being this trusty blue one which cost me a fiver. They're so girly and I admit I'm still amused by the way they flare out when you spin around.

The title (and colour of my outfit) reminded me of this song by Bigbang. For those who've never heard of them they're a kpop group who happen to be with the same agency as Psy, and if you have no idea who Psy is then...I'm quite impressed actually.

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