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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Yesterday I helped out with CreateVoice's Friday Late event 'Creativity in the City'. CreateVoice is the V&A museum's youth collective where we take part in workshops and plan events for young people. Last night we had a screen printing workshop, a film project, a silk painting workshop that I helped out with and lots of other things going on. We had our own workshops before the night to learn how to silk paint so we would know what we were doing. And the best part of it was that our work actually got displayed in the museum!

For part of the night we had to stand in front of our work and talk to passers by about it and the events happening. There was a lot of awkward smiling at strangers, and my friend did a much better job than me with talking to people. We did have some interesting conversations though, and there's now a man from South Korea with a video of me speaking terrible Korean on his camera.

It was a fun night but now I'm looking forward to our next event: the Fashion Festival! It's for people aged 16-24 interested in a career in the fashion industry or who just love fashion. You can check out the programme here and we also have a tumblr. There will be talks, workshops, demonstrations and Mary Katrantzou will be there (I think her talk will be ticketed)! If you're in London on the 8th December then it's definitely worth going to.


  1. It's realy amazing to live in London. I want to live there in future ! I think you were as good as your friends ! It's realy nice to meet people from all the world like this guy from Korea !!!

    1. Yeah you get people from all over the world here! I hope you like it here when you move here some day!


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